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Founded in 2006, Salad Studios has the goal of creating online entertainment portals which combine the accessibility and social community of the web with the addictiveness and depth of modern online video games. Salad Studios' games are web-based and persistent, so they don't require powerful computers or large downloads, are very easy to learn, and are played with thousands of other people in a social atmosphere.

A web-based, persistent universe offers access for a broader audience than traditional multiplayer games such as World of Warcraft. This combination of massively multiplayer game design concepts with the window of the web creates an exciting destination for players to test their skills while interacting with others around the world in the familiar environment of a web page. Advanced concepts such as team building and persistent offline artificial intelligence inject a whole new level of interactivity not yet realized in the industry.


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Salad Studios Inc. is based in Brooklyn, NY, and was founded by Marek Gorecki and Sean Crowe in 2006. Marek is a Cornell University graduate with a B.S. in Computer Science, with 20 years of programming and industry experience, including 6 years at Microsoft as both a developer and manager. Sean is a California native, receiving his postgraduate degree at Cornell University in Physics, with many years of software development experience in companies such as Microsoft and Fox Sports.

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autocad200864bit7z001 Please email info@saladstudios.com for inquiries. No solicitations, please.

Copyright 2008 Salad Studios, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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